Our Partners

"As Admissions Consultants, our passionate Mentors are committed to assisting undergraduate and postgraduate students attain their dreams with acceptances from world renowned universities. Our aim is to cater to the unique needs of students from diverse academic backgrounds and help them find their “Best Fit” colleges, keeping in mind their holistic profile.

With our experience in Personalized Education Services, Collegify now offers technologically advanced, accessible and affordable educational solutions. With our E-Learning platform, our vision is to optimize learning by recording data at every point of interaction, which will create avenues for AI implementation through machine learning to dynamically adjust content flow to the needs of individual users."

"At the International Socioeconomics Laboratory, we are a student enrichment non-profit that bridges the gap between young students and post-graduate researchers, serving as an output of research in the overlooked field of socioeconomics. A growing part of our work is meeting the increasing demand for non-partisan empirical information on international issues that have many gaps to fill when analyzing crucial existing data.

We do this for completely free, operated by a volunteer team of students and post-graduates. Access to research opportunities and courses serve as pilot programs for students to take on issues, as we reach out to governmental bodies and academic institutions to identify various gaps in data for our various research involvements and projects."

Interested in Partnering With Us?

The Global Investor Challenge is run as a non-profit and relies on sponsors to cover prize and operating expenses. Email us at globalinvestorchallenge@gmail.com with any inquiries.